january recap

We had a rather busy-in-a-good-way January, and it was just lovely! 
Thanks to beautiful weather we went out or had friends over almost everyday.
So many play dates, park days, library story times, tons and tons of outdoor time. 
 It was blissful. 
I kept wanting to post and kept not finding the time. 
I didn't take my camera out much so these photos are what we did when we were actually home.

At the beginning of the month we had a clean slate and a calendar to fill.

Everyone has their own painting style
 January was the first month in our new homeschool studio and we had so much fun taking advantage of the space.

Filling up the calendar a bit more.

 I put together a tray of loose parts to spark the kids imagination. In Reggio Emilia, (a style of child-led learning that inspires our homeschool method) this is called a provocation.
Maisie put together a fairy house.

 Dinah used the parts to bead herself a bracelet.
 This was another activity we did that the girls had a lot of fun with.

 ...So fun in fact that they asked to do it again a few days later.
 I gave a few haircuts in January as well.
 There was a request to re-paint the bird houses they hung last spring.
...and we got a new ceiling fan.
 Considering the lack of planned events going into the New Year, and thanks in part to the new space and the abundance of time we allotted ourselves, January turned out to be a busy month; filled with magic, play and lots of learning!

Just the way we like it.

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