goings on

FEELING A LITTLE GUILTY for not posting for so long. 
we have had a few busy months involving many visitors and much goings on. 
(halloween. texas rennaisance festival. etc)

giraffe and puppy pals

and frankly it's been hard not having the school room finished yet. 
getting the concrete floor ready for paint has not been a task for the faint at heart. 
(like me. which is why Ben has been doing it).

but we are in the last stages of paint right now, which is encouraging. 
with any luck we'll have the dang thing ready in time for Christmas. 
fingers crossed. 

enough about that. 
here are some pics documenting a bit of our fall.

writing a birthday card

finger painting!

coloring, always coloring.

building a rainbow

the princess and the pea

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